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According to a November 2012 paper published on Drug and Alcohol Dependence, online searches show that buprenorphine may be available for purchase on the Internet without a prescription. The study showed that most buprenorphine sellers only sold pills of 0.2 mg, which is not enough to treat opioid addiction.

Any purchase of buprenorphine without a prescription is illegal.Although more data is needed about the availability of buprenorphine online, Lifewire explores how people can use the dark web to buy illicit items and services. The dark web is different from the regular Internet. You must be more technologically savvy and have a particular browser.

ORDER Subutex USA online

ORDER Subutex USA online

The dark web or “darknet” contains items and services in which most people are not interested.

Since Subutex is not available legally anymore, any site selling it is not valid. It’s a clear sign that the site is not legitimate.

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