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Dosing and Administration

Allude to the Prescribing Information for complete and exceptional dosing and organization data. Gulp down containers. Pulverizing, biting or dissolving the containers will bring about uncontrolled conveyance of hydrocodone and can prompt excess or passing. Beginning Dosing. Wiki

 As First Opioid Analgesic: 10 mg at regular intervals

 In Opioid Non-open minded Patients: 10 mg like clockwork

 Conversion from Other Oral Opioids to Hydrocodone ER: According to the Prescribing Information, change (not equianalgesic) dosages for other narcotics when changing to hydrocodone 10 mg are as per the following: oxycodone 10 mg; methadone 10 mg1; oxymorphone 5 mg; hydromorphone 3.75 mg; morphine 15 mg; or codeine 100 mg.

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 Conversion from Transdermal Fentanyl to Hydrocodone ER: Hydrocodone ER

 Conversion from Transdermal Fentanyl to Hydrocodone ER: Hydrocodone ER

treatment can be started 18 hours following the expulsion of the transdermal fentanyl fix. In spite of the fact that there has been no efficient evaluation of such change, a moderate hydrocodone portion, roughly 10 mg at regular intervals of hydrocodone ER, ought to be at first fill in for every 25 mcg/hr fentanyl transdermal fix. Follow the patient intently during transformation from transdermal fentanyl to hydrocodone ER, as there is restricted archived insight with this change.


The executives of agony NOT extreme enough to require every day, nonstop, long haul narcotic treatment and for which elective treatment alternatives are NEITHER TRIED NOR SHOWN TO BE INADEQUATE.


 Significant respiratory sadness

 Acute or extreme bronchial asthma or hypercarbia

 Paralytic ileus, known or suspected

 Hypersensitivity to any parts or hydrocodone bitartrate

Hydrocodone Online (Warnings/Precautions)

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 In patients with head injury or expanded intracranial pressing factor, screen for sedation and respiratory sorrow. Keep away from utilization of HC ER in patients with hindered awareness or trance like state vulnerable to intracranial impacts of CO2 maintenance.

 Prolonged gastric check may happen in patients with gastrointestinal deterrent.

 Concomitant utilization of CYP3A4 inhibitors may increment narcotic impacts.

 Impaired mental or actual capacities; use alert with conceivably dangerous exercises.

 Misuse, misuse, redirection; CII controlled substance with high potential for misuse

 Interactions with CNS depressants; consider portion decrease of one or the two medications

 In older, cachectic, weakened patients and those with constant aspiratory illness, screen intently on account of expanded danger forever undermining respiratory melancholy.

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