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Uses: Oxymetholone Oxymetholone is mainly used to prevent and antagonize the decline of adrenal cortex caused by long-term use of adrenal cortex hormones. It is clinically used for chronic wasting diseases, old age and frailty, severe illness and postoperative frailty and weight loss, nausea, edema, liver dysfunction and jaundice, etc. Occasionally, young women have delayed menstruation, which can be recovered by stopping the drug.

Short Description:

Chinese name: Hydroxymethene dragon

Chinese alias:; 17β-hydroxymethylene-17α-methyl-5α-androst(alkane)-3-one; 2-hydroxymethylene-17α-methyl-5α-androst(alkane) )-17β-alcohol-3-one; 17β-Hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethylene)-17-methyl-5α-androstan-3-one;

English name: oxymetholone

English alias: Stanozolol impurity B; Becorel; Anadrol; Raboral; Roboral;

CAS Number: 434-07-1

Molecular formula: C21H32O3

Molecular weight: 332.47700

Accurate quality: 332.23500 PSA: 57.53000 LogP: 4.40100

Appearance and properties: white crystalline powder

Density: 1.169g/cm3

Melting point: 172-180°C

Boiling point: 465.9ºC at 760mmHg

Flash point: 249.7ºC

Refractive index: 38 ° (C=1, CHCl3)

Vapor pressure: 1.23E-10mmHg at 25°C

Content: 99% pharmaceutical grade


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